We want our virtual classes to run as efficiently and safely as possible. Please make sure you have read the following guidelines to ensure we can all have a fantastic Virtual Performing Arts experience without worrying too much about technology! (Click the pic for a video tutorial)

For Zoom access simply use the menu above and navigate to the correct age group and timetable.


  1. BATTERY – Remember to charge your device beforehand or even better, plug it in if you can

  2. DRESS CODE – Please wear appropriate clothing for moving, stretching and performing. For example, shorts or similar please rather than a skirt or dress.

  3. DOUBLE DEVICES – If you’ve got a sibling who’s in a different Stage but at the same class time then you will both need your own device

  4. DROPPED OUT – If you lose connection/battery during the session then simply rejoin the class. Just remember that unless you’ve already set your name up on your Zoom account then you’ll have to Rename yourself again and wait a few seconds for the teacher(host) to readmit you.

  5. SILENCE PLEASE – Please don’t unmute yourself unless the teacher has asked you to as it’s impossible to hear everyone at the same time ;)