How do I send you my child’s performance?

  1. Make sure that you are a member of the right Facebook Private Group for your child’s specific class. (If you’re not sure, then visit THIS PAGE to find details on how to locate and join it)
  2. Please film in PORTRAIT mode unless otherwise instructed (this means holding the phone upright)
  3. Please avoid filming at night or facing a window as the lighting will always look under/over exposed and this may render it unusable.
  4. If you are singing or speaking, please avoid rooms without carpets or soft furnishing (ie kitchens) as these will create an echo which doesn’t sound good.
  5. Feel free to dress up, or if not, Swish uniform is just as perfect.
  6. When you’ve done all of the above, just post on your class page and wait for all of the fabulous emojis :-)

ps we may from time to time pick a few of our favourite or most suitable clips to use publicly but will check with you first that this is ok.