Star Parties

Have you ever felt that your child’s party lacked that certain magical feeling? Was missing that star quality? Or do you just wish you could give your little star the chance to be a big star on their special day?

My Star Parties specialises in providing the very best opportunity to create that star feeling. With 30+ years of experience teaching dance, singing and acting and hosting events for hundreds of thousands of people, our specialist party planners provide parties that will put your child in the spotlight and make them feel like the main character of their very own chosen show! 

Choose from a number of popular and current films and musicals and let us create the star experience your child has always dreamed of. You can even book a joint party if you want to share the experience with another birthday boy or girl. Our catalogue is always expanding so if you’ve got a particular request, please don’t hesitate to ask.

Each party includes at least one host and co-host (more staff are provided depending on party numbers), lights, themed games and learning material from the chosen show. A 90 minute party starts from £249 for 12 children and we can cater for up to 30+. Themed party bags are also available. A £100 deposit guarantees your chosen date :)

My Star Parties – Where YOUR child shines on Stage!

Our current titles to choose from

Booking is as easy as 1, 2, 3!

  1. Use our fully featured form to lock down your date and time

  2. Pick from one of popular titles to put your child in the spotlight

  3. Tell us how many guests you’d like to invite

And that’s it! We’ll take a deposit automatically and you’ll receive full confirmation plus a follow up call from one of our party planners.

N.B. In order to ensure the best possible experience, please note:
*It is your responsibility to ensure that the venue is suitable for the number of children invited. There should be enough space for each child to stand in a ‘star jump’ position without touching walls, windows, other children etc.
* We do not provide any catering or sweets etc