Welcome to Swish of the Curtain

We are the South Coast’s leading part-time theatre school, which is why more people choose us to train their children than anyone else!

Every new student is entitled to a 2 week taster course to make sure Swish is the right place for you!

We currently run classes in Bournemouth, Christchurch, New Milton, Poole, Ringwood, Southbourne and Winton.

Swish boasts some of the best tutors in the area in all aspects of the Performing Arts. We are unrivalled in the shows, opportunities and professional engagements that we offer.

“I have always believed that children should be given every opportunity to fulfil their dreams and my school is proud to train not just those with natural talent, but those with passion and enthusiasm as well.

Yes, it is important that talent is nurtured, but equally important is ‘creating’ the hidden star within every child which enables them to succeed, not only in the industry, but in life itself…their future.”

Tina Witham, Principal

“The teachers and assistants are incredible, so loving and caring, they really go above and beyond with their support and assistance with the children. I’d highly recommend Swish.”
Elisha Homer, Facebook

“…absolutely amazing! You showed us what substance and depth you have as a group!”

Tamzin Outhwaite, Actress
“Quite simply outstanding!”
Daily Echo
“Wow! What a performance!”
Bradley Walsh
“I knew Swish would give it their all. If it’s possible to do such a thing, I think they gave even more than that!”
Linda Kirkman, Scene One
“Such a professional show. Loved the sets, the band, the costumes and the enthusiasm of the actors. Well done to all!”
Julie Trimmer, Facebook
“Wow! You are going to be one tough act to beat!”
Duncan James, Channel 5
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