LAMDA (London Academy of Music and Dramatic Art) Speech and Drama/Acting syllabi at Ballard School

Swish will be tutoring all of those students at Ballard School who elect to pursue extra curricular sessions in either Speech and Drama or Acting as part of the LAMDA syllabus with us. These sessions will take place during term time within the normal academic week. The engaging syllabus and style of teaching enables a fun yet focussed approach for students aged Reception age and above – all the way up to Year 11.

Not only does the syllabus allow for UCAS points to be accrued from the accredited examinations, but it creates a fantastic platform with which to provide the important life skills of clear communication and engaging, expressive personalities.

In order to check availability and sign up to these weekly sessions please either speak to the school reception or use the form below.

Autumn 23
PRE PREP (Rec-Yr 2)20 mins Small group£9.50
PRE PREP (Rec-Yr 2)30 mins Small group£12.50Yr 4 Sm Gp 30
LOWER PREP (Yr 3)20 mins Duos£12.00Yr 4 Duo 20
LOWER PREP (Yr 3)30 mins Duos£15.00
LOWER PREP (Yrs 4-5)20 mins Individual£16.50
LOWER PREP (Yrs 4-5)30 mins Individual£24.50
UPPER PREP (Yrs 6-8)20 mins Individual£16.50
UPPER PREP (Yrs 6-8)30 mins Individual£24.50
SENIOR SCHOOL (Yrs 9-11)20 mins Individual£18.50
SENIOR SCHOOL (Yrs 9-11)30 mins Individual£24.50