Mental Wellbeing is mentioned a lot lately, and rightly so. After lockdown I think we all realised our children need an outlet!  Did you know that Musical Theatre Classes give your child all they need to:

  • Stay mentally strong
  • Become physically fit
  • Stay healthy
  • Feel motivated
  • Feel part of a team
  • Learn skills for their future!  

Performers See the World in a Whole New Way”

At the end of the day, the transferable skills a child learns from performing may not be nearly as important as the experience of performing itself. “We’re always looking for ways the arts can benefit kids in other areas of life,” says Davis. “It’s as if art for art’s sake isn’t worth our time, when in fact, it gives kids an awareness about themselves and creative skills they’d never learn otherwise.” She may never apply the improvisation skills she learned during the school play to a math equation or turn her teamwork with other dancers into leadership on the school playground. But simply by having been part of the performance process, your child has been exposed to a new way of thinking and doing. And that alone is a success to be proud of.