This year in Screen Acting we have explored many skills and everyone has gained confidence in their abilities on screen.
Students have gained insight into terminology used on set, as well as techniques used to develop characters in a deeper level of understanding. We’ve explored the difference between screen and stage, looking in-depth at TV and film pieces as well as looking into the other end of the screen industry such as teleprompting, voice acting and script writing.
Students have had the opportunity to not only to perform on screen but also challenge their creative side, redirecting peers to challenge their thoughts and outcome.
As an end of year project we’ve worked on two short films; ‘Lost Hope’ for our older students and ‘The Sleepover’ for our younger. Through this, students were given the chance to explore character development, hone skills learned throughout the year and experience what it is like on a film set with professional directors, camera and sound crew.
To finish the term students, family and friends were invited to a premiere evening with a private screening of the films.