Lights, Camera, Action…

There are many differences between acting for screen and acting for the stage, we will be identifying those differences in great detail starting with useful terminology and understanding how to adapt the level of performance for different camera angles. For example, an ‘ECU’ (Extreme close up) requires a much more subtle performance than a wide shot.

Students will also learn a plethora of tools to help them build a character both vocally and physically and how to communicate this truthfully to the camera.

There are many tricks of the trade involved with acting for screen, and we will be exploring many of them including eye line, subtlety, reaction shots, working with text, camera angles etc.

In addition, we will enjoy exploring a variety of styles, everything from Disney heroes and villains, period pieces, modern dramas and so much more. Content will be age appropriate and suited to challenge each respective group.

Audition technique is a very valuable skill within this industry and we will leave no stone unturned. In todays world – castings are often requested online within a very short time frame. We will cover how to produce a good quality self tape and how to approach castings both in person and on camera.

An integral part of this syllabus will also involve recording material and watching this back, where our expert teachers can offer constructive feedback.

Class Fee

Approx 12 students per class:

£55.25 per month for a 1.5 hour session and £75 per month for a 2 hour session.

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