in these unprecedented times, it is even more difficult to share the children’s hard work with you so why not film them at home and share with us instead? Even if it’s just a poem, or a song using the class backing tracks you can access, we would love to see their work and share it with their classmates. We won’t publicly share anything without asking you first. FOR FULL DETAILS ON SENDING IN YOUR OWN WONDERFUL PERFORMANCES – VISIT THIS PAGE. 

EARLY STAGES (Ages 3 – 6)
Pre-School, Introductory & Foundation:

All of our Early Stage groups have been working on an ‘Under the Sea’ theme for this half term. We have been exploring what you might find in the ocean using drama exercises and games, and have been working on songs and poems that stick to this theme.

We have also been working on learning and practising dance steps such as leaping and turning, and have been working on performing their songs and poems on their own in front of their peers.
Pre-school have been enjoying working on a performance dance imagining they are getting ready for a party with The Little Mermaid and all of her friends.
Introductory have been learning the song ‘Under the Sea’, and they have had a lot of fun singing as Sebastian the Crab.
Meanwhile Foundation groups have been getting stuck in with a poem all about trying to catch fish!

MAIN STAGES (Ages 7 – 14)

Project 1
Stage 1 – The Sound Of Music – ‘So Long, Farewell’
Working on – neat-contained movement, diction and clarity

Stage 2 – Joseph And The Amazing Technicolour Dreamcoat – ‘Go Go Go Joseph’
Working on – stamina, accented choreography, acting through song

Stage 3 – High School Musical – ‘All In This Together’
Working on – American accent, stamina, pirouettes.

Project 2
Stage 1 – Frozen – ‘Fixer Upper’
Working on – characterisation, co-ordination, performance energy.

Stage 2 – High School Musical – ‘Truth, Justice And Songs In Our Key’
Working on – American accent, story telling, pirouettes.

Stage 3 – Footloose – ‘Footloose’
Working on – performance energy, belief in movement, pop choreography

Performance Academy:

Project 1 – Mamma Mia

Working on – Performance energy, harmonies, stamina (singing and dancing at the same time) pop/musical theatre choreography. 

Project 2 – Moulin Rouge

Working on – directing audience attention, next level performance, double pirouettes, sharp movement. 

Advanced Dance – Level 1 have been working on technique exercises as well as a commercial routine.

Advanced Dance – Level 2
have been devising a filming project where they film the routine individually then we all watch and critique.

Advanced Acting

– The importance of ‘listening’ in acting/performance
– Storytelling and Narration
– Animal Studies
– Creativity and working as an ensemble to engage audience.
In the next half term, we will be focusing on audition technique and sight reading too.