Maya Wilton started her 3 year Musical Theatre Degree Course at Italia Conte in September after many years as a Swish pupil. Her last role with us was that of Pinnochio in Shrek – we caught up her after her first term and she promised to tell the truth and nothing but the truth!

It’s been your first term of full time drama school – what’s been the hardest part for you and why?
Settling in to central London was a big shock after the relatively slow pace of Bournemouth life. That and moving away from my family was the hardest part for me :(

What does a typical day look like?
Most days are 9am-6pm with just a short lunch break. Some days we get a super treat and finish at 4.30pm!

Did you feel prepared once you started or was it a huge shock to the system?
I had no idea – I knew that it would be intense both physically and mentally but it was a massive shock. Going from training a few times a week to what feels like 24/7 takes a while to adapt to. I hadn’t studied tap before but that hasn’t stopped me from getting the most out of it and being supported by my teachers. I feel very comfortable in all classes as I have fantastic teachers who nurture my abilities.

Is there any advice that you would give to Swish students about to audition?
Study lots and lots of musicals and build up your repertoire as much as possible. Make sure you are super prepared – don’t just learn the song or the monologue you are going to perform, study the whole show or play and then study every other show or play they have written! Also don’t forget that everyone is different and everyone has different strengths so don’t beat yourself up all the time and compare yourself to other people.

Have you studied any shows that you didn’t know of before and now love?
My Fair Lady was not one of my favourites – but it is now :)